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Protecting Australian businesses against changes in the price of foreign currency.

✓ Simple to use
✓ Costs known in advance
✓ Hedging returns paid out within 1 week*
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fully Compliant

HedgeCheap will soon operate under an AFSL Lab Licence, and will soon be compliant with Australian regulations.

australian owned and operated

Unlike the Big 4 Australian Banks, HedgeCheap is completely Australian owned and operated.

Ethically sound, for the long term

HedgeCheap is Carbon Neutral, and donates 20% of its profits to charity.

What is hedging?

Hedging is the protection of your business against risks. HedgeCheap protects businesses against changes in foreign exchange rates.

1. What is hedging?

Understand foreign currency hedging in simple terms, and learn how your revenue can be protected.

2. Why should I hedge?

Foreign currency risks affect all businesses, but some are particularly vulnerable. Understand the reasons you should hedge.

3. What do I protect?

Not all foreign transactions are worth hedging. Understand that hedging is best used with transactions that impact business viability.

Learn more

Foreign exchange hedging is complicated, but we make it easy. Learn more about when and why you should hedge your foreign exchange risks.

Simple and Fast
How HedgeCheap works

Our hedging costs are exact and upfront in Australian Dollars. We pay directly back to your bank account within 1 week of the hedge end date.

1. Hedge with us

Fund your account and place a hedge on our website, on the day you want your hedge to start.

2. You are covered

Rest easy while the foreign exchange rate fluctuates. You are completely covered for the duration of your hedge.

3. You are paid

If you are due to be compensated at the end of your hedge, we will pay out within 1 week*.

* subject to regulatory (AML/KYC) checks being completed